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'The increasing prevalence of overqualified women in Morocco is a significant and concerning trend. As a young researcher, I've observed that the opportunities available to me are severely limited. Despite my persistent efforts to demonstrate my abilities and earn recognition, I have often faced the dilemma of being deemed either inexperienced for some positions, or overqualified for others, thereby making it challenging to find opportunities that align with my skills and interests.

To overcome these obstacles, I've had to work tirelessly to create my own opportunities and carve out a path towards success. While I had hoped that having women as mentors and supervisors would provide me with additional support, I have regrettably found that female solidarity is not always present.

After I completed my degree, I joined the civil society sector - to use my expertise to propose solutions for climate change adaptation and to advocate for the rights of women, who are often disproportionately impacted by environmental changes. The drought in Morocco has been particularly devastating for rural communities, and I am currently focused on amplifying their voices and ensuring their concerns are heard.

To this end, I have been actively participating in various discussion panels and events geared towards young professionals, where I've been able to highlight the environmental challenges that affect women and girls in rural areas. Promoting gender inclusivity in all discussions and actions relating to climate change adaptation, particularly in the context of rural Morocco, is my top priority.'

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