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'My  projects to heal our world have been my children - and I've had lots of  them.  Social creativity has been my calling, my teams successive  families, friends my bedrock. I have known since my twenties that this  earth does not need more humans, but rather that the humans already here  fulfill our destiny to turn humanity away from the climate/ecological  cliff. I am childless by choice, and I know many women choosing the same  who feel belittled. Let's celebrate both joys: children and child-free.

In 1994, the UN held a global conference on population in Cairo. Students of my "frugality = freedom" book, Your Money or Your Life,  joined me in a caper. Every city where Timothy Wirth, US's  representative, held a public meeting, we took to the microphones  saying: 'Consumption is the population issue of the United States. A  child born here, in its lifetime, will use many times the resources of a  child born in Africa.' Wirth, unsuspecting of our caper, took our  message to Cairo.

While our situation is dire, we are still alive. "It" never turns out. Life goes on.

We get to participate. And how women care is the template for inhabiting our earth well.'

Vicki  Robin is a best-selling author, speaker and sustainability advocate,  best known for her books Your Money or Your Life and Blessing The Hands  That Feed Us.  Read more at

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