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'Growing up in Marin County surrounded by beautiful nature, I developed a passion for cycling. I love to mountain bike, road bike, and commute by bike. Starting in Fourth Grade, I used my bike as my primary mode of transportation. I biked to and from swim practice and other activities. In middle school, I started biking two and a half miles each way to school and continued cycling to my high school, even once I got a license. To this day, I continue to use my bike to get around UC Davis, even though I have access to a car at Davis. I am working in Marin County this summer and I ride my bike to work every day.  I make it a goal to commute on bike as much as possible.

Commuting by bike gives me a sense of freedom and independence, exercises, reduces stress, and is good for the environment. By commuting on bike, I am helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy consumption, reduce traffic consumption, decrease noise pollution, reduce infrastructure footprint, improve air quality, and help to conserve resources. I am happy that commuting on bike has many positive outcomes for the environment, and I hope to continue to commute by bike as long as possible.'

You can connect with future elementary school teacher Shoshana on LinkedIn here!

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