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'Hello and Namashkar,

My name is Poulomi Chakravarty, and as the founder of the Global Climate Association, my journey is deeply rooted in my love for the environment and every living creature inhabiting our beautiful planet. From a young age, nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Eastern India, I found solace and wonder in the pages of books and the serene embrace of nature. Animals, with their innocent eyes and untold stories, urged me to listen more keenly to the silent whispers of our Earth.

My professional path as an environmental and climate researcher was not just a choice but a calling. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, my research revolves around land surface and atmosphere interaction during thunderstorm events, the tales of changing climates, and the cry of the Earth under the weight of degeneration due to anthropogenic forcings and extreme events. Each study, each paper, is a step towards understanding, a step towards healing.

The decision to establish the Global Climate Association stemmed from a profound desire to merge my professional expertise with my personal passion. It was about crafting a platform where knowledge meets action, where the intricate tales of science are told not just in academic halls but in the corners of everyday life. It’s about inspiring a battalion of young minds and communities alike, armed with the power of knowledge, to steer the planet in the direction of kinship among all living beings, adapting ecocentric approaches to build an ecosystem where development and conservation go hand in hand.

In my quiet moments, when I am not piecing together data or drafting strategies for global cooperation on climate issues, I retreat to my first loves—reading, exploring the wild, and being a voice for animals. These moments of peace are where I recharge, find inspiration, and gather the emotional strength to continue this vital fight.

Joining hands with other passionate souls through initiatives, social media campaigns, and educational endeavors, I strive to weave a tapestry of change. I have strong faith that together, we can protect our planet and ensure that the symphony of Nature continues to thrive, not just survive.

As we stand on the precipice of potential environmental calamity, I urge you to reflect on the role you can play. It's a call to action, to live consciously, to educate yourself and others, and to make choices that honor and protect our planet. For in protecting her, we secure the future of countless generations to come.

Land/atmospheric scientist Dr Poulomi Chakravarty is founder and president of the Global Climate Association and convener of Terra Confluence 2024, an engaging #climateliteracy event in honour of Earth and carrying on from Earth Day and Earth Week. 

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