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'I am Czech, and I'm affiliated with Mendel University in Brno. But I'm married and living in Livingstone, Zambia. Together with my husband, we established an organic demonstration farm, seed-oil processing plant, and formed a women cooperative. Our aim is to add value to local indigenous trees by cold-pressing forest seed-oils for cosmetic and cooking with proven health benefits.

Traditionally, women collect and process forest products such as fruits, seeds, and nuts. For example, the tradition of collecting and processing nuts from Schinziophyton rautanenii has been transmitted from woman to woman at least since the early Holocene era. We aim to follow up on this tradition and empower women in their skills by adding marketable value to forest products. It will enable the women to continue with their traditional skills and earn income. We dedicate part of our profit into regeneration and sustainable management of the forest where we harvest seeds and nuts.

We were supported by the Czech Embassy in Lusaka (structures development and delivery of technology). We use smart and sustainable technology such as solar energy. My husband is a professional electrician and he trains other community members. We also cooperate with Chief Mukuni, Forestry and Cooperative Department.'

You can find Kamila and the Booma Women Cooperative on social media:



and in this article on their work. 

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