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'Since my childhood, I had imagined myself working for a social cause - one who is not afraid to fight social injustice and challenge the existing status quo. Back then little did I know about the seriousness of environmental problems. I was 17 years old when I first came to know about the climate crisis and environmental degradation.

I was shocked when I realized environmental degradation and global problems such as climate change are deepening the existing socio-economical problems of Nepal such as poverty and gender-based violence among others.

Climate crisis does not differentiate between rich and poor or big and small. It impacts everyone but the people and countries with the least adaptive capacity are more vulnerable than others. Young people especially have a great potential to contribute to tackle such problems be it by awareness, developing innovative technology, or advocacy.

Our future is at stake and we can achieve even more when we are supported and encouraged. I work with youth networks to empower and engage young people to take care of the environment and adopt nature-friendly practices and coordinate with various stakeholders to make sure that the climate action works are just and fair to all. Now, working for the environment is what I say and do. Each work of mine brings me a little closer to being the lady of my dreams!'

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