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'I am 73 years young, as engaged in matters that concern me as I was when I was 30, maybe even more. I never had kids. I felt a societal tug to have kids especially in my 30's, but, truthfully I've seen mothers who are meant to be mothers and I didn't have that. I have loved being an aunt to my brothers' kids, watching them grow, being an advocate for them being able to grow into their independent selves, being a cheerleader for them.

I'm proud of the choices I've made around my career, around my intimate relationships with the men I've loved. around the causes I've been able to participate in. I so want all women and girls to feel the freedom to choose the path that feels right for them, not to feel pressured by societal expectations.

On any path there are some big bumps along the way. If we know we're traveling together, which we all are, we CAN each go for it!'

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