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'We  are faced with environmental challenges such as population explosion,  climate change, floods, and so on.  Most times, we think educating  people will help solve the problems, especially, the education of women  and girls, and to some extent, this is correct.  But education that does  not teach people to apply wisdom only leads to demands for more from  nature. People need training that recognizes the value of wisdom, wisdom  that goes beyond what we learn from the four walls of a conventional  school.

The  wisdom we learn by paying attention to everything around us, nature and  people, and learning to have deep respect for life, and nature, beyond  just humans. Nature teaches us wisdom all the time, if we care to  listen.  It abhors waste, it supplies to every organism just what it  requires, it does not support greed.  If humans learn the wisdom in  slowing down to listen and learn, nature teaches contentment,  interconnectedness, and interdependence.  Nature has solutions to our  challenges, we need to go back to respecting nature so humans and the  environment can thrive harmoniously.'

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