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As an ocean advocate and scientist, I am always trying to speak about the importance of marine ecosystem and biodiversity conservation to everyone.  I wish to continue this activity to a broader level to a huge audience globally.  I am an ocean lover, nature lover, mother of a baby girl, with a PhD in benthic taxonomy and community ecology...   I am passionate in conservation of ocean and other natural resources for a better future for all.

My dream is “a healthy and peaceful planet for all’. When I am thinking about this dream, I understand that it will not come to a reality by a small number of people - it needs massive action globally without delay. Already our ecosystems are under threat of global warming, climate change, overexploitation of resources, overconsumption, biodiversity loss, emergence of new diseases and different types of pollution. Along with these, the world is suffering due to population explosion, lack of resources, poverty, and economic crisis. Again, humanity is fighting against a terrible pandemic. Among these, the most serious threats are human-made climate change and pollution.

Some studies reported that women and children are more vulnerable than men to climate change impacts, associated poverty and economic crisis. Gender equality is so important to overcome such situations in our world. It needs education, awareness, women's and girls' empowerment and sustainable economic development. The world can’t achieve environmental goals without women's participation and leadership. Humans are the only animals that destroying earth. Other animals or organisms are not destroying their environment for their selfishness. Humans need to live harmony with nature to reverse environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.

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